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Recruitment & Processing Portal

Welcome to Recruitment & Placement Portal PT Royal Bali Internusa

Dear Applicants,

Before you take part in the recruitment process, please pay attention to the provisions below:

  1. The Recruitment Process In Accordance With The 2006 MLC Regulations
  2. The Recruitment Process Is Free of Charge
  3. Document and certificate processing fees required to work on a ship are service fees, not recruitment fees
  4. PT Royal Bali Internusa does not use the services of third parties or brokers, each applicant must follow the step by step process below:

I. Pre Recruitment/ Screening

1. Check Our Job Opening Page
2. Fill Up Online Application Form
3. Wait For Our Call For Interview Schedule

II. Recruitment Process

4. Interview by Our Recruiter Team
5. Fill Up Procesing Form
6. Embarkation Check List