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Candidate Status

Serial NumberNamePositionInterview DateCommentsPosition ApprovedStatus
43I Ketut MartanaBuffet Attendant20/03/2023well groomed, seems a likeable person, 7 years of experience in restaurant area, able to expose himself wellBuffett Attendant / Hotel Assistant RestaurantRecommended
42Gede Angga PramudyaBar Waiter17/03/2023well groomed, seems like an energetic person, quite good in his communication with sufficient experiences, consider as a bar utility / hotel assistantBar Utility / Hotel Assistant Bar/Deck StewardRecommended
41Ngurah Bagus Washington NixenBufet Attendant15/03/2023Sufficient experiences, need to improve a bit on his basic communication Galley Attd /Hotel AssistantRecommended
40I Gede Eka DarmayasaHouskeeping15/03/2023based on his sufficient experiences and English communication skill consider as a Housekeeping attd, note on his grooming a bitHousekeeping Attd / Hotel assistantRecommended
39Ni Kadek Riski SesaryaniAssistant Cook14/03/2023Need to improve her basic English and basic knowledgeNeed to be Improved
38I Gede SeridanaWaiter14/03/2023had experiencers onboard for several years in restaurant area, his communication skill is thereWaiterRecommended
37PUTU RAKA ARISTYWANBuffet Attendant14/03/2023Good candidate with good 7 years of experiences in restaurant and able to communicate in EnglishBuffet Attendant Recommended
35Ni Wayan Sri AnggitaPublic Area Attendant14/03/2023Sufficient English, but she has over 3 years experiences in housekeeping areaHousekeeping Attendant/Hotel AssistantRecommended
34I Putu Ega Adi PutraSnack Attendent14/03/20232 years experiences in hotel as rest server, well groomed , sufficient EnglishGalley Attd / Hotel AssistantRecommended
33I Putu Arie NugrahaHouskeeping13/03/2023Sufficient experiences and English, consider as a HK Attd / HoAsHousekeeping Attd / Hotel AssistantRecommended
32Komang Agus AnggaHouskeeping13/03/2023well groomed, he has sufficient experiences and English communicationHousekeeping Attendant / HoAs HKRecommended
31I Putu Gede Yudhi SeptiawanHouskeeping13/03/2023Sufficient experiences and English, okay to start as a HK Attd/HoAsHousekeeping AttendantRecommended
30Ni Putu Winda AdnyaniRestorant Utility13/03/2023She got potential, sufficient experiences and English communication Asst.Server/HoAs RestaurantRecommended
29Putu Arista Ramon PranancaHousekeeping13/03/2023Need to improve his basic English communicationNeed to be Improved
28I Ketut NoyasaAsst Cook10/03/2023well groomed, seems like a good personality with good experiences and able to communicate in English basic conversation, suitable to start as a commisAssistant Cook / CommisRecommended
27Made AriawanHouse10/03/2023over 10 years experiences in housekeeping area in hotel, able to communicate in English, he is 30Assistant Cabin Attd / PA AttdRecommended
26Ni Ketut CandrikaRestorant Utility10/03/2023Based on her sufficient experiences and quite good in English, well groomed and likeable person, should be okay to start as a hotel assistantCarnival Cruise Line, / P&O CruiseRecommended
25I Gede Frans Galih WiratamaBar Utility10/03/2023A bit struggling on his basic English communication, sufficient experiences in bar area Bar Utility / HoAs BarRecommended
24Nyoman Marta HadiCook09/03/2023Over 3 years in kitchen, His English is okay, well groomedCommis / AssistantRecommended
23I Putu Bagus Arya WigunaKitchen08/03/2023showed excitement, good communication skill, sufficient experiences, he got potentialCommis / Asst. CookRecommended
22I Ketut Agus Krisma YogaKitchen08/03/2023a pleasant person with good experiences and communication skill, Commis / Assistant CookRecommended
21I Made SuardikaCabin Steward08/03/2023His English is there, had experiences working onboard several years back, anyhow he is over 40Room AttendantRecommended
20Ida Bagus Kade Suda AdnyanaHousekeeping08/03/2023good experiences in 5 star resort for over 3 years, a bit struggling on exposing himself, okay to start as a HK AttdHK Attendant /Hotel Assistant HK Recommended
19I Wayan RudiawanCook08/03/20232 years experiences in kitchen area, sufficient English, should be okay to start as commis / asst cookcommis / assistant cookRecommended
18Ni Ketut NilawatiFood & Beverage Service06/03/2023Need to improve her basic knowledge and skill in restaurant areaNeed to be Improved
17Putu Sri PuspayantiWaitress06/03/2023Sufficient English and experiences, okay to start as a HoAs Rest/ Buffet AttdHoAs rest / Buffet AttdRecommended
16Ayu MarthaAsst waitres06/03/2023Sufficient English and experiences, consider as a Hotel Asst. RestHotel Asst.RestRecommended
15I Komang Trisna Adi SaputraAssisten Waiter06/03/2023seems like a good candidate, good experiences and able to communicate in EnglishHotel Assistant Rest / Buffet AttdRecommended
14I Made Windu WiragunaLaundry Attendant06/03/2023His English is there, good experiences and personality, suitable to start as a Laundry AttdLaundry AttendantRecommended
13I Made Agus DarmawanHouskeeping06/03/2023with his experiences and communication skill should be okay to start as a HK attd / HoAs HK Housekeeping Attd / Hotel Assistant Hoses keepingRecommended
12Dhyana ParamahamsaKitchen06/03/2023Need to improve his basic English communicationNeed to be Improved
11I Kadek MurdianaHouskeeping06/03/2023Need to improve his basic communication, skillNeed to be Improved
10I PUTU ADI DARMA WIJAYAHousekeeping06/03/2023based on his experiences and communication skill consider start as a HK Attd /HoAs HousekeepingHK Attd / HoAs HousekeepingRecommended
9Gracella MarissaWaitress06/03/2023well groomed and got potential , good communication skill, sufficient experiences, consider start as a Buffet Attd/ Hotel Assistant RestBuffet Attd/ Hotel Asst.RestRecommended
8Kadek Sely PratiwiWaitress06/03/2023with her experiences and communication skill, well groomed, and personality, consider as a Hotel Asst. or assistant serverAssistant Server / Hotel Assistant RestaurantRecommended
7I Komang Santika PutraWaiter06/03/2023Sufficient English and experiences, well groomed, he got potentialGalley Attd / Hotel Assistant RestRecommended
6I Made Loka JuliantaraHousekeeping Attendant06/03/2023Need to improve his basic English communicationNeed to be Improved
5Ni Putu Ayu Diana KristinaAssistant Waitress06/03/2023well groomed , good presentation about herself, with her experiences in some 5 star hotel and resort, consider start as a buffet attdBuffet Attd/ Hotel AsstRecommended
4Gede Angga Juni PrasetyawanBar utility06/03/2023Sufficient English and experiences, well groomed , okay to start as a bar utility/Hotel asst. barBar Utility/ Hotel Asst.BarRecommended